Thursday, July 4, 2013

This blog is not dead ! but he is rotting ...

Dear friends and follower .

Let's face it , I haven't be able to paint a single miniature during the last 4 month,
 I had to move from the south of France to Paris for a job and well...I didn't took anything to paint with me .

My initial plan was to start to paint again for myself in order to play a current edition of the game, but after some play test ,it was such a disappointment , it was like going back to the  3th french editions where it's only about magic weapon infused characters .
 I also realized that I will have to paint much more miniature than initially planned if I wanted to play decently ..
So what's going on now ? I have to move again for at least 3 years for an another job in Tokyo this time .
But I'm going to take some painting equipment with me, 
I don't know yet if I'm going to continue this army as it...

 I just embraced the Horus heresy stuff from forge world.
 so I'm going to run a new blog for a 1500/2000 point army of ...

Adeptus Mechanicus 

I will however keep the John Blanche inspiration for them.

More soon ...


  1. No pressure! Update your fans when you can. Post up a link to your new blog as I would like to follow that too. Good luck with the move to Tokyo!

  2. Sad news...
    But I understand your situation pefrectly:
    few years ago I couldn't imagine I can be unable to paint some minis within a month but now?
    The job + the second job + the kid = no hobby time for Demi =/

    C'est la vie I guess.

    Hope to see some of your stuff painted - no matter it's sooner or later :)


  3. Real life sometimes takes the lead over the hobby, but if you have a satisfying job and success, we can only applause and wish you the best for the rest!
    3 years to spend in Tokyo seems like heaven to me, if you can take some painting stuff with you, it's gonna be even better!
    Some armies are not what we expected so going on another project is sometimes necessary to keep the mojo...

    If you have spares (I remember you talking about siege engine) or anything you'd like to get rid of, I'm you man. ^^

    Bonne continuation à toi et bonne chance pour tes futurs projets (que je continuerai à suivre avec intérêt).

  4. A real pity, considering your awesome miniatures.

    On the other hand, I also like AdMech a lot, so... bring it on!

  5. Considering the quality of your miniatues, that's a real pity. Especially as I'm also a stout Nurgle follower.
    But no use sticking to a game system you don't like - same reason I quit WHFB. I don't necessarily think it's a bad game now, I just don't feel it anymore, so I moved on.

    Anyway, AdMech is also a brilliant army concept, so please publish your progress somewhere.

  6. Ganbatte! Japan is a wonderful country. I'll keep an eye out for your work, really enjoyed what you've done so far.

    Have you considered this rule set too


  7. Even if I'm a huge Nurgle fan I can't wait to see your Adeptus Mechanicus minis.